Maintenance Services

Property Maintenance Services

Imagineers has been providing property maintenance services to condominium, homeowner associations and rental properties for over 30 years.  Imagineers has a staff of in-house dependable, skilled and experienced property maintenance personnel.  Each property maintenance staff member is properly licensed and insured for the work they perform.  The advantage to you is that our property maintenance personnel know your property and the preferred approach to your maintenance needs.  While their usage is not required as part of our property management services, many of our client communities have elected to use our maintenance personnel because of the superior workmanship and value they offer.

Maintenance Services Performed by Our Maintenance Personnel:

  • Interior Handyman Work - Including drywall installation and repair, painting, insurance loss restoration, and sump pump installation.
  • Exterior Handyman Work - Including exterior grounds work, sidewalk and asphalt repair, catch basin repair, caulking, fence and privacy divider repair, gutter cleaning and repair; painting; power washing, preventative and/or safety maintenance, grounds repair; and sign installation.
  • Highly Skilled Carpentry Work - Including deck construction repair or replacement, structural repairs, and siding, soffit and fascia repair.
  • Cleaning Services or Janitorial Type Work - Including carpet cleaning, general cleaning services and bulk item trash removal.
  • Emergency 24/7 Services

Imagineers Can Offer Valued Property Maintenance Services to Your Community By Delivering:

  • Skilled Employees who Perform Quality Work that Imagineers Stands Behind - Our maintenance staff are reliable, dedicated and experienced.  They are fully insured and licensed.  We are able to attract quality employees because we properly compensate our property maintenance staff and they receive an excellent family health insurance and pension plan.  We believe that this results in higher quality employees and better client service.  We also provide ongoing professional industry training for our maintenance staff to help them continue to improve and make sure they are knowledgeable in safety and environmental liability concerns.
  • Cost Saving Opportunities for your Community - We can create cost saving opportunities for your community.  We do this by bundling non-emergency service requests and ensure that our maintenance staff completes the service requests using less billable time, rather than responding separately to each work order request.  In some instances we can also provide purchasing discounts on hardware needs because we leverage our size with our vendor relationships.  We do not charge for our maintenance staffs mileage reimbursement, fuel surcharge or travel time to your community.  Your community is only charged once our maintenance staff are on your property.
  • Greater Familiarity of the Ongoing and Preventative Maintenance needs of your Community, as well as a Thorough Understanding of the Requirements of Serving Common Interest Communities - We establish a greater familiarity of the ongoing and preventative maintenance needs of your community by having the same Imagineers maintenance employees addressing your maintenance needs.  They get to know your property.  This helps to ensure that they understand the standard operating procedures for your community, as well as afford the benefits of having greater familiarity with your community should an emergency event occur that requires a response.  Our maintenance staff also know the nuances of serving common interest communities.
  • Better Client Service - Our maintenance personnel are courteous, professional and on-time.  Our uniformed maintenance staff are committed to being on-time and providing professional, friendly service and cleaning up when done.  We believe that clients use our maintenance services because they expect to receive a higher level of service and because we have the best employees.  Our employees understand that consistency, accountability and responsiveness are paramount to building a long-term customer relationship.  The cornerstone of our client relationship has been our staff dedication to consistently delivering exceptional customer service and our ability to staff quality employees.
  • Greater Accountability and Oversight of Maintenance Staff Serving your Community - We have dedicated supervisory staff devoted to overseeing and reviewing completed work, with special attention devoted to ensuring the quality of the completed work and the time spent to complete service request tasks.
  • Effective Management Information Systems - We deliver a strong "tool box' of management information systems to help boards manage their communities.  Our service request reporting system allows you to track work in your community by the type of work, unit and period of time.
  • We can provide references from existing clients using these services - We will provide such business references on request.  Imagineers is also designated as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a business grade ranking of A.  Our good name is our greatest asset.  This view is evident in the way we treat our client board members and homeowners.

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