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July 2010 - Imagineers Picks:

CT Home Prices Continue Climbing -
Hartford Business Journal (5/4/10):(click here)
Statewide condominium sales also soared in March. A total of 570 condos were sold in March, a 34.4 percent jump from 424 in the same month last year.

Home, Condo Sales Surge in March-
Connecticut Business Journal (5/10/10):(click here)
The median price for a single-family home in Connecticut increased 8.1 percent in March compared to a year ago, while sales of single-family homes and condominiums surged by double-digit percentages, according to the Boston-based Warren Group.

No Surprise: CT's April home sales strong-
Hartford Business Journal (5/27/10):(click here)
Connecticut house and condo sales rocketed skyward in April, as buyers here and across the nation rushed to close deals before federal tax credits for first-time buyers expired, according to a new sales survey.

Price Trail Surges in Home Sales-
Connecticut Post(5/27/10):(click here)
Connecticut's condominium sales rose for the seventh consecutive month in April...

May home, condo sales rise dramatically over last year-
The Day (6/28/10):(click here)
Condominium sales statewide rose 43 percent, to 745 in May from 521 a year ago. Pent-up demand from buyers who were delaying purchases because of their concerns about the economy, low interest rates and the tax credits have helped push up sales.

May Home Sales Rocket in Connecticut-
Wall Street Journal (6/29/10):(click here)
Connecticut condominium slaes rose 43% in May when compared with a year earlier, and the median condo price declined 0.59% to $169000.

The Condo Conundrum-
Baron's (5/18/10):(click here)
Lenders reluctance to pay overdue condo fees is merely postponing a new wave of U.S. foreclosures.

Homeowner Association: The New Foreclosure-
CNBC (7/15/10):(click here)
Struggling borrowers let the dues slide, thinking it's more important to throw all their cash into their mortgage payments.

Not So Neighborly Associations Foreclosing On Homes-
NPR (6/29/10):(click here)
In Texas, if you fail to pay your home association dues, an HOA has the legal power to foreclose on your home.

Condo Owner Hit With Overdue Fees -
Waterbury Republican Amercian (7/18/10):(click here)
If you own a condominium in Connecticut, you could face foreclosure over as little as a few hundred dollars even if you are current on your mortgage

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